CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW defines a materialized view of a query.

sql:111: ERROR: must be owner of relation view_test I have.

. 3 version) represents a substantial benefit on read-queries performance if your application can tolerate stale data.

The query is executed and used to populate the view at the time the command is issued (unless WITH NO DATA is used) and may be refreshed later using REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW.

This is an example for the tables: id | data ---+----- 1 | foo id | data ---+----- 1 | bar A UNION is used to generate the VIEW and also to create unique IDs (but thats a different story):.

The main differences between: are that the materialized view cannot subsequently be directly updated and that the query used to create the materialized view is stored in exactly the same. . (In the future, we're thinking of using an actual table for search instead of a materialized view, and updating individual relevant rows via triggers instead of.

You should create a new role to own the view, then grant that role to any users who need permission to refresh the view.

To open server config files, use the options under Tools -> Server Configuration. . .

Materialized views in PostgreSQL use the rule system like views do, but persist the results in a table-like form. For large data sets, sometimes VIEW does not perform well.

2 Refreshing all materialized views.


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As a desktop application, it empowers users to create and execute queries, keep track of their history, and gain insights into the effectiveness of those queries and the overall behavior of the database engine. .

But yes, the whole table is re-computed.
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This is what I'm doing now.

Of course it's possible to test for an existing lock on the view for each new query, so it's easy to cancel new queries; the problem is that I'd.

. REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW completely replaces the contents of a materialized view. .

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The MATERIALIZED VIEW consists basically from 2 (foreign) tables.

. It has been an absolute joy.


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Incremental View Maintenance (IVM) is a technique to maintain materialized views which computes and applies only the incremental changes to the materialized views rather than recomputing the contents as the current REFRESH command does.

When using materialized views they need to be explicitly refreshed to show changes to the underlying table.